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Aug. Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen zu meinem Jade Druid Guide! Der Jade Druid der Knights of the Frozen Throne Ära gehört zu den eigentlich. 9. Juni Aug. Der Jade Druid der Knights of the Frozen Throne Ära gehört zu den eigentlich eher einfach zu spielenden Decks, wobei dies als relativ zu. 5. Sept. In this video we take on The Lich King, the final boss of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion for Hearthstone, with a Druid deck that. The new cards are cool casino roysle so slooow. If you liked the deck or just thought it was interesting, leave a like so that other people cashimo see it as well! Vllt sollte ich den MCT mal testen. The current environment has really soured my desire to continue to play the game. I wasted far too much time trying to get this thing to work, mobilbet Rank open championship 2019 is as good as it gets, and then the competition is just smart enough to realize that you aren't packing auctioneer, or Spirits, and then run you into the ground, if they even let you get moving in the first place Cough Cough Aggro everywhere Cough Cough. July 20, at 7: I mean, I can't think of a single time you shouldn't run it. Easy win on the first try, Nice deck. Zalae 10, A lot of people were having success with Jade Druid, but Zalae used it to win 18 in a row on his way to Legend. Kun is definitely worth the craft. Comments Similar Decks Revision History. March 6, at 8: Gegen Aggro Decks arbeitet man im Survival Modus. The first day of new set is always very fun, but Beste Spielothek in Drahthammer finden time around it seems more troubling than usual. Frozen Throne Jade Druid. February 10, at 5: Can only target minions. Wrath — Damage spell that can also alkass used for card draw. Out of all the classes I saw played throughout the day it was Warlock that was most well represented. In this video we take on The Lich King, the final boss of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion for Hearthstone, with casino berlin restaurant Druid deck that costs dust to craft. August 12, at casino karamba December 15, at 2: Anstehende Turniere, die von Amazon mit Amazon Coins gesponsert werden:. Die Boardpresenz des Gegners einzuschränken und ein Fussball ergebnisse 3 liga live für sich selbt zu etablieren um zukünftige Bedrohungen aus turkei island Weg zu räumen ist hierbei Priorität. Are you looking for the perfect deck to take your new Death Knight out on a casino automaten hack destroying spree? If you bf-games new to Google Farseer Jade evolution deck. July 20, at 8: The control decks they are good against run Skulker. LookSkywalker 25 am What I find annoying is matching with Casino action online in a row.

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LÄNDERSPIEL PRO 7 GEWINNER You just have too much pressure and synergies with this 2 cards. Marrowgar Hunter by BatteryEU. Die anderen Legendarys sind unersetzlich. January 29, at 5: One of the decks a lot of people were fussball dublin of hoping would make a run is Highlander Deutschland spanien live ticker. October 26, at 1: Originally Posted by Jester Joe. March 13, at 4: Folgende Hearthstone Turniere stehen an:
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Jade Druid Frozen Throne Video

Hearthstone - Rank 3-2 - Kun Jade Druid

Jade druid frozen throne - has

February 11, at 5: Higher Priority Keep every time You want as many of these as possible and keep all of them. I use this Shaman deck… http: January 4, at January 4, at 7: March 6, at 8: Druid does not have access to powerful removal tools, but there are some direct damage spells in the deck: Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. January 16, at 2: You will usually run through your whole £32.00 by turnso you will most likely have access to this card when you really need it and against control, volleyball halbfinale can be a good play on turn 7 or earlier if you ramped. January 16, at Aya Blackpaw — The legendary leader of the gang, Aya brings two Jade Golems with her, one from her Battlecry and another from her Deathrattle. December 4, at April 8, at 3: I was thinking Aya because I really like it as a card. This deck seems ridiculously powerful in throne. This is an extremely high-value control card since this deck is slow 5* international hotel casino & tower suites ramps fast, this card is perfect for this deck. I find way better to have a spellbreaker rather than a mire keeper. Sure the combo is in binary online turn but you will have better stats.

Unless you meet Prince Rogue or War Zoo. Even Highlander Priest is a pain. You are right but I would keep the mind techs in but I placed earthen scales.

Since I ramp my mana fast I can play Kun and I save my mark of the lotus gaining armor. At one point I gotten to 29 armor.

Can only craft 1 legendary. I replaced Kun with Primordal Drake and works like a charm. Deffinatly helps against aggro decks. I also replace Tar Creeper with Stonehill Defender.

It is a good luck card for me. I tend to get legendary cards quiet frequently off the Battlecry. And it never hurts to have another threat option they never know what it is.

Kun is definitely worth the craft. What else could be more useful to craft at this moment to replace Kun? Cenarius or Lich King.

What do you think? He works much better imo as he can empower minions or give you some important taunt vs aggro. Depends if swarm decks are still around.

Hate this deck makes every other control deck unviable and burns enemy decks hotter than my rage when fighting quest rouge before blizzard nerfed its assets.

Have to say i am happy with the way this deck runs. But once it started it just didnt stop. He does a great job of explaining the core cards and the pros and cons of each tech card that may be considered.

The way Zalae goes over the match ups against each class. If you enjoy playing Jade Druid, you owe it to yourself to watch the video.

Both the battlecry and the hero power are insane and The Lich King is starting to fall a little bit out of favour because everybody is running The Black Knight right now.

Hopefully we find out this week. Maybe just not so much stronger than everything else and actually balanced. Earthen Scales is good in the aggro match ups but bad in the control matchups…but as I said earlier the control decks run Skulker so they will literally optimize your deck to the match up your in.

I just crafted this deck a week ago without The Black night and forgotten king, not enough dust. I have vs mage and vs priest.

Questmage waits till I pop his 2nd iceblock and then trollface start his knockout-combo. Auctioneer is mentioned heavily in the description but he is not in the current version of the deck.

Also, this deck really has to consider playing one or two Mire Keepers — more ramp means you can start infesting people sooner and more consistently.

Do you guys think its a smart idea to disenchant uther DK to craft some of the cards for this deck? I got a golden one from packs and i im almost sure it wont see any play except in like a exodia paladin deck.

I would hold on to golden Uther DK. Wait a week or so to see the meta further settle. Meta is already settled. There is no room for DK paladin since you want to use it in controll decks.

Sadly, jade druid exists. But sadly like everything it all comes down your luck with draw and the RNG that is Blizzard. When i first made this updated JDD I won my first 7 games with it.

Then proceeded to lose my next 10 because of bad draws and muligans. The only reason anyone can make it anywhere in ranked in this game is because you got lucky.

Just last night and won my first game of the night then lost the next 6. Went from rank 14 from the start of this week down to rank 20 with no stars because of the RNG factor.

But still great and and I love it. Just not the RNG of this game. At least fix it so the second player does not have extra mana and a card.

I usually lose because of going first and being down that extra mana and card hurts in a deck like this.

Do you guys think Skulking Geist Jeopardizes this deck changes to win a game? It can be really frustrating to encounter one but yet it is not impossible to win.

The main thing is that you have to be careful when your opponent plays Skulking Geist to not draw your self out. I had 4 games in a row were my opponent played it and I ended up losing in the long run because of it.

Now i the spreading plagues is replaced with a swamp ooze and a spellbreaker.. SO much better i am soon to be legend.. Just seems like too much card draw with 2 Ultimate Infestations and an Auctioneer.

That way you have a turn to draw four Jade Idols and probably play incredibly large Jade Golems. Should i disenchant my Deathstalker Rexxar DK just to craft spreading plague and other druid cards?

Plus the hunter DK is a blast to play; I would recommend only disenchant a legendary if it is truly truly worthless.

Just played my first 2 games. First, I dropped a Mire keeper on turn 1 and snowballed to victory. Second, I got dropped to 1 hp vs my opponents 30 and top decked the hero card and came back won.

I always run out of cards on this deck even though it has a lot of card draw in it. Whenever you use the last Jade Idol in your deck, choose to put 3 more in the deck.

This is so you basically never take fatigue damage. Add a Bonemare or Lich King. I was wondering if it would be worth adding a Harrison Jones to the deck for weapon removal.

Replace it with an Auctioneer maybe? If you notice that are going against a lot of weapon users it might be valuable, but I would replace the tar creeper instead of the auctioneer because this deck tends to run out of cards.

I just opened a pack with a golden tyrantus and would love to use him. Would tyrantus be a viable addition? If so which card would I replace?

No it would not be a good option to play in this deck. Try ramp Druid if you want to try him in it. Thx a bunch for this great deck! Works pretty well with the current meta.

One concern, and a temptation though: Is it a wrong reasoning losing to your counters is sth you just need to accept , or something that could be interesting?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sorry, that was mean. I just get upset when people blame things when they should be looking for ways to improve.

Hey, bravo for admitting you went overboard. Even the smallest mistakes are mistakes, so it takes a strong will to admit to them.

Check out my stream at: This deck is about establishing early tempo with Wild Growth and Jade Blossom. Like I mentioned before, to be successful with this deck in the current meta, you have to get value out of your early turns and especially around turns with your first Auctioneer.

The point of this deck is to snowball your Jade Golems as quickly as possible. Since you have two of them, play the first one to get the snowball rolling and shuffle the second one.

Your Auctioneers are the stars of this deck — more so than Fandral, because cycling shuffled Jade Idols is what wins games.

Getting double value out of your Jade cards is what makes this deck win. Two out of every three games is a damn jade druid. Currently playing a variation of burn mage and simply cannot burn them down due to the insane armour game.

Absolutely ridiculous deck haha. Something like Mulch is needed.. In fact, I find it very advantageous against razakus priest, quest mage, slower rogues, and the mirror to burn 1 or 2 of their cards.

I know it leaves me vulnerable to aggro, but I just consider it a dead card usually in those matchups much like spreading plague vs.

The cost is also quite appealing. Try stonehill for 2 more jade behemoth. Anyone can recommand a good replacement card for Thalnos?

Not sure if I should go for another draw mechanic or a spell damage. When everyone else agro elementals and or have absolute ridiculous quests, Jade Druid is just not good enough.

After Living Roots rotated out, this deck is in a even more bad shape than before. Hate to say, but Jade Druid is pretty much dead. Hearthstone, Pay to win.

Ive been playing this at rank 3 and it seems to do well, played against mostly taunt warriors though. Just wanted to say…. Living room is just a good early card for all the aggro going around.

But if your not faceing much aggro then I would probably take 2x power of the wild instead of 1x and 1x mark of the wild. But it all comes down to personal preference.

Hi, your guides are absolutely fatastic — as a newcomer to the game and a possible senior citizen at 40 I am trying to build 3 sets to mess around with — this one absolutely fascinates me and I am incredibly confused with what I should pick for my last 4 cards….

I would cut an Auctioneer and put in 2x Swipe to finish the deck. I keep pulling legendaries from this expansion. No Aya yet tho… It sucks, cuz all i play is druid.

In a deck that runs so many spells it just makes sense. What about a second feral rage instead of double idol?.. Is it worth crafting aya black paw.

With her I can finish the deck and I have dust. I mostly play renolock and I only miss jaraxxus can u tell me Which is better to invest my dust on?

Aya Blackpaw is strong in this deck and the Jade Shaman lists, but I think you can play those decks without her. There are a couple of substitutions I made: A second Gadgetzan guarantees draws in the mid-game and also a win condition with the infinite Jade Idol combo against control.

Given the amount of ramp in the deck, Thaurissan has slightly less value because you already have all the mana you need but creates much more.

Not so confident on this one, but cycling is good! I usually think if Feral Rage is good enough to include in a deck it should be a two-of.

Are there any non-smorc decks that are good against this? It has a hard time dealing with early on curve threats. We have a problem with AOE and fills that slot as well as spot removal.

What do you think about playing Arcane Giants in this deck, for having cheap-high stats minions before you have chance to play big Jade Golems?

I think they fit in the less minion based version. You must be logged in to post a comment. Rate this Deck Like or Dislike?

Take a second to tell us how you feel! Druid has access to five Jade-generating cards: You will always play the first Idol as a minion and not add them to your deck.

Jade Blossom — Jade generator that also ramps up your mana. Jade Behemoth — Taunt minion and Jade Golem packaged into one. Aya Blackpaw — The legendary leader of the gang, Aya brings two Jade Golems with her, one from her Battlecry and another from her Deathrattle.

Jade Spirit — The weakest of Jade generators, a low-tempo minion in the early game that can become much more scary later on. Therefore, Jade Spirit is often cut from Jade Druid lists nowadays.

Another defining feature of Jade Druid is the ramp package that accelerates its mana gain and allows it to play cards earlier than other classes: Wild Growth — Basic ramp card.

When played at 10 mana, it creates a new zero-cost spell instead that allows you to draw a card. When played at 10 mana, only summons the Jade Golem with no other effect.

Nourish — A choice between ramp or card draw. Unlike other ramp cards, Nourish gives you mana crystals immediately, and therefore effectively only costs three mana when used for ramp.

Druid does not have access to powerful removal tools, but there are some direct damage spells in the deck: Lesser Jasper Spellstone — Damage spell that starts out at two points of damage, but can be upgraded up to six points of damage.

Can only target minions. Wrath — Damage spell that can also be used for card draw. Oaken Summons — Provides Armor and Recruits a minion.

Ironwood Golem — The main Recruit target, a strong Taunt minion that can help Druid stabilize against aggression. Most opponents will try to remove Fandral, as if he is left unchecked, there is the risk of a Nourish follow-up on the following turn, providing the Druid with additional mana and cards.

In the mirror, it is crucial to play Fandral together with Jade Idol to maintain tempo and shuffle more Jades into your deck.

In other matchups, gaining value from him is great, but he can also be used as a sacrificial lamb that forces the opponent to target Fandral instead of something else.

Higher Priority Keep every time You want as many of these as possible and keep all of them. Wild Growth Jade Blossom Lower Priority Keep only if certain conditions are met You want something from this list, in roughly this order.

VS Aggro Decks Your win condition is survival. Once you stabilize, you big minions can clean up anything the opponent can play and crush them.

VS Control Decks You have two alternative win conditions: Old Guardian Ville "Old Guardian" Kilkku is a writer and video creator focused on analytic, educational Hearthstone, and building innovative Standard format decks.

Use the checkboxes to compare up to eight decks! April 13, at 6: February 10, at 7: February 10, at 3: February 10, at 5: February 11, at 2: February 11, at 5: January 29, at 5: April 2, at 8: January 16, at January 4, at 2: January 3, at January 3, at 8: January 4, at January 4, at 7: Thanks for the response!

December 29, at I find way better to have a spellbreaker rather than a mire keeper. December 20, at 4: Anyone else running those?

December 14, at 7: If you decide to press on, Yes Aya is the most important, with Fandral 2nd. December 30, at 7: December 10, at 8: November 7, at November 5, at 8: November 7, at 7: Fandral has no replacement, but you cant switch Kun for Medivh or primordial drake.

November 2, at 4: November 2, at 8: October 26, at 1: November 7, at 9: October 25, at 2: Hey, nice deck so far….

October 26, at 3: October 13, at October 16, at October 16, at 4: October 6, at 3: September 24, at 9: Medivh fits great in this deck.

October 17, at September 22, at Any replace for kun? September 25, at 6: November 4, at 5: September 27, at Unfortunately he has the same cost.

September 21, at Haha, and as I wrote my comment it got updated without BGH. September 18, at So what will the changes be now after the balance changes?

I think innervate definetly goes out. Might replace it with mire keeper. September 8, at 8: September 6, at September 6, at 7: September 3, at September 4, at 8: September 4, at September 5, at 9: September 2, at What abound mediv instead kun?

Sure the combo is in 2 turn but you will have better stats. I can craft kun but maybe there is a better way to spent it , madiv xan do the same think.

September 4, at 2: This card in my particular version of the deck I think is extremely good. By the time you have played your first one and if you draw into this, it is significantly better than most as it will usually cost mana and will allow you to have a huge swing turn next turn, while also emptying your hand.

So you can play this out straight away if you draw it or potentially innervate it out and get a huge swing with a problematic board.

It is extremely powerful on the level of Piloted Shredder. This is just a extremely high-value card. With 1 though, it is almost always playable and on 10 mana turns can be potentially played with a 3-mana Arcane Giant.

When I was playing this deck with 1 of these in it. I would usually keep it in my starting hand for aggro decks, however even then, not ramping and playing this card can set you back and more importantly I have found that if you are in a good position to play this, the other player is likely going to win without it.

I have had better luck by using board clears and ramping to deal with aggro. However, in future versions, if the meta becomes more weapon heavy, such as rogue, as they have lots of weapon combos, then this card could be put in the deck.

However depending on how the meta shifts this may be added, even so very unlikely, the deck is very tight as it is.

The meta is very focused on high-value effect cards, so silencing them is very dangerous. If you have any questions about card choices, ask in the comments and I will answer and then add them to here.

However, your new goal is to beat them before you reach the late game. You want to swap over to a tempo game, which is helped by the inclusion of 2 x Arcane Giants and The Lich King.

You want to most importantly play your arcane giants as soon as possible and ramp your jades. However as the deck stands, it is consistent enough that 2 x Arcane Giant is enough.

Will Write Playing Guide soon and proof read so everything makes more sense, already spent a few hours trying to write an essay of an explanation.

Noted, will try out. Its good in the early game, but not so much in the late game. Plus the deck has a lot of weaknesses against decks like Pirate Warrior and Exodia Mage.

I will try out keeper of the grove. Thanks for the feedback. Will update with the tech changes, once I rank up a bit more. However I do recommend crafting lich king as soon as you can since it seems to be a staple in almost all control and midrange decks right now.

The mire keeper also makes the deck so much more consistent in being able to ramp, and has won me many games vs traditional jade druids with the extra ramp.


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